The Wooden House
by Karen Kingsbury

Shirley Yang:       lover
Ryan Chen:  lover
Meg Chen: old woman
Ivy Hsieh:   student
Aron Yeh:   student

It was a nice day, and there were four college students who were taking a trip in a mountain.  Unfortunately, they got lost.  Suddenly, they found out a house and decided to stay in it.  After they knocked on the door, there came an old woman to answer the door and agreed that they could stay in the house.  What would be going to happen next between them?  Let’s find out.

Ivy:           Wow, what a nice day!  It is not cloudy and the lovely sun is smiling in the beautiful sky.
Aron:         Yeah, enjoy the breeze.  How comfortable!
Shirley:     I’ve been looking forward to this trip for so long.
Ryan:        Me, too.  Especially, with you, honey!
Shirley:     Oh, my sweet.  I love you so much!
Ivy:           Ok! Let’s keep going, or we won’t get through the forest before the sunset.
Ryan:        Are we there yet?  My feet are sore.
Shirley:     So are mine.  How much longer till we get there?
Aron:         Well, let me take a look.  Umm….  Maybe one hour.  Or…. more!  Maybe…
Ivy:           Maybe!  Ok!  Just go.  Hurry up.
Aron:         Strange!  We should have arrived now.  (Aron finds out that the map was upside down)  What!
Ivy:           Aron, what are you doing?  Come on!
Aron:         Well, nothing!  I’m coming.
Ryan:        Enough!  I can’t take it any longer.  I don’t want to walk anymore!
Shirley:        Oh, my poor baby.  I think we should stop!  It’s dark everywhere!  We can barely see the road.  It’s dangerous!
Aron:            Excuse me, guys.
Everybody:  What?
Aron:            I’ve got to tell you something.  I think we are lost now…
Everybody:  What!
Ivy:              Are you kidding?  We’re lost!  And it’s dark…oh…. my goodness…
Ryan:           We will die here.
Shirley:        Don’t cry baby…oh…no…
Ryan:           We’re dying!  We’re dying!
Aron:            Shut up!  You fools!  Calm down!  Look!  There is a small wooden house not far from here!  Come on!  Let’s hit the road.

Ivy:           I don’t think anyone would be living in such a weird place.
Ryan:        I don’t care whether it is weird or not.  Hurry up!  Just knock on the door.  I want to get in.  I’m so scared and tired.
Shirley:     Oh, baby.  I’ll protect you.  Don’t worry.  Is anyone going to knock on the door!
Ivy:           Hey…. guys. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
(In front of the door)
Aron:         Hello!  Is anyone in?  Hello!
(A woman shows up)
Aron:         Excuse me!  We are lost.  And it’s dark…would you mind letting us stay here till morning?
Meg:         Ok…you can stay here till morning.  Come on in, everyone….
Ryan:        That’s great!  I can’t wait to take a break!  Can I use your bathroom?
Ivy:           Thank you so much!  You’re so kind!
Meg:         You can surely stay here……….forever!
(Everybody is in the living room)
Shirley:     Look!  There are so many beautiful pictures on the wall.
Ryan:        I’m so hungry…. anything to eat?
Meg:         I will prepare something to eat…. wait for a while…
Ivy:           I think I should help out a bit.
(In the kitchen)
Ivy:           Can I do anything to help?  Wash the dishes?
Meg:         Sure…you can help…to be a dish!
Ivy:           What’re you doing?

Aron:         Hey, guys!  Where is Ivy?  Why isn’t she here?
Meg:         Oh, Ivy told me that she felt very uncomfortable, so she is taking a rest in the bedroom. Give her some time.  She is really tired…
Aron:         Is she ok?  I think I should go check on her.  And see if she needs…
Meg:         No, please don’t!
Aron:         What?  Why?
Meg:         Umm…  Well, I think that she might need more rest.  Don’t go bother her. Give her some time.  That would be better.
Aron:         Ok.  Maybe I should wait till morning…
Ryan:        Shall we start eating?  I’m so hungry that I could eat a horse.  I can’t wait to dig in.  It looks so delicious!
Meg:         Sure!  Let’s dig in!  Please make yourselves at home… Please help yourselves …
Shirley:     What kind of meat is that?  It looks a little bit strange.
Ryan:        Yeah.  It isn’t like chicken.  What is it?
Ryan:        Hey, it seems there’s a ring…. in it.  I’m not sure!  Can you see it?
Aaron:       A ring?  Let me see.  Oh… It is Ivy’s ring.  But why is it in the meat?
Meg:         Oh, maybe Ivy took it off before she washed the dishes and it fell into it.  Don’t worry, I’ll pick it up and give it back to her…
Ryan:        She is always so careless!  Silly girl!
Ryan:        What’s that smell?  Oh…gross!
Shirley:     What’s this?  It tastes like…blood!  I’ve never drunk such a strange beverage before.
Meg:         Oh, you are right!  It’s blood… Ha!  Ha!
Everybody:     Hum… What!
Meg:         Wait!  I am just kidding.  It is “blood berry” juice.  It’s very precious!
Everybody:     Blood berry?
Meg:         Ha!  Ha!  Yes, it is a kind of special berry.  It can make your skin nice and smooth, just like mine, and it also keeps you young.  Don’t worry…it won’t harm your body… drink it!
Ryan:        Really?
Meg:         Good!  Good!  Good!  Keep drinking…

Ryan:        What a special meal!  How did you like it?
Shirley:     Yeah, I am so full that I think I won’t eat anything for three days.
Ryan:        But, don’t you think it a little bit spooky?  I just don’t feel right about the whole thing…
Shirley:     Neither do I.  Especially that, the drink called “Blood berry.”…It’s weird.
Ryan:        Not only the drink but also the situation is so strange!
Shirley:     Ok!  Ok!  Don’t think too much!  All you need now is to relax and have a good night.  Don’t forget!  We need to get up early tomorrow, so let’s go to bed early tonight.  I think that’s what we all need!
Ryan:        All right!  I would like to take a shower before go to bed.  I’m dirty!
Shirley:     Ok!  You really need to take a bath.  You’re smelly!  Go ahead!
(After a few seconds)
Ryan:        Honey!
Shirley:     What’s wrong?  Why are you still here?  Didn’t you go to take a shower?
Ryan:        Umm…  Because…I…miss you!  And can I take a bath with you?  I don’t want to be alone in the bathroom.  Please…
Shirley:     Come on!  Don’t be a child!  There is nothing there.  Go ahead!  Hurry!
Ryan:        All right!

(After thirty minutes)
Shirley:     Ryan!  Ryan!  Why are you taking so long?  Ryan!
Shirley:     Ryan!  Are you there?  Answer me!  Ryan!
(Shirley breaks into the bathroom with her feet!)
Shirley:     Ryan!  Why are you sleeping here?  Wake up!  I can’t lift you up!
Shirley:     Ryan~~~!  What’s wrong with you!  Ryan!  I need some help!  Somebody’s help!  Please!  Help!
Shirley:     Help!  Help!  Ryan got hurt!  He needs some help.  Please!  Get somebody to save him!
(Meg is silent.)
Shirley:     Are you listening?  Ryan got hurt.  He is dying.
Meg:         I know!  I know, because…I did it.  I killed him…. Ha!  Ha!  Ha!
Shirley:     What!  What are you talking about?  Why did you do that?  Are you crazy?
Meg:         I said I killed him.  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!
(Meg seizes Shirley by her throat.)
Shirley:     Help!  H…e…l…p!   H…e…l…p…
Meg:         Ha…Ha…Ha…!

Aron:         (跺腳) Strange!  Strange!  Everything is strange.  I can’t wait any more.  I think we’d better leave right now.
(On the way)
Aron:         Ouch!  What’s this?  Ivy!  Oh, no…!  I’ve got to tell someone.
Aron:         Ouch!  What’s this?  Don’t tell me that.
Meg:         What are you doing here?  I haven’t finished my dish.  You are the next one.  You have to wait.
Aron:         No…  Why did you do that?
Meg:         My kids.  My kids.  Why did you leave me alone?  They were all killed in a car accident.  I miss you all so much.  Do you know how much I miss them?  Come on!  Be my child.  Come on!
Aron:         No!  Don’t get any closer to me.  No…  Don’t kill me.  No…

Meg:       Good boy.  Good girl.  Do you want to be my kids?