A Story About A Girl

by Sylvia Hsu

6 actors play script


Amy:             Amy

Fred?:            Teacher

Frank:          Frank?

Stella:          Stella??

Sylvia:          Stella’s mother

Pinocchio:   Head buster



Stella is a freshman in a famous university. In the beginning of her first semester, her teacher asked them to introduce themselves.

Teacher:      Nice to meet you guys, could you introduce yourselves to everybody?

(Then the students do it one after another.)

Student A:    I…I am a good person; I hope I’ll have many new friends. (weakly)

Student B:    I…what should I say?” (He tickled his head) Umm, I …I like reading books, listening to music, and doing something like that. (Then went down the stage quickly and with shyness)

Stella:           I have a dream, that is, to have a colorful life in the next four years. First I’ll do my best in studies, not only for scholarship but also for my self; I do not want to waste every minute of my life. Second, I’d like to learn something I’ve never learned before and I invite challenges to improve myself and….

With no doubt, Stella will be a star in the class.


Stella always has a wonderful mood anytime you see her. She sings happily when she sweeps T building in the morning .She also likes to help others as she has finished her own work.

Stella:        Good-morning Frank! You look so tired today! Are you all right?

Frank:       Oh, Good-morning Stella! I am preparing my oral test. It’s very difficult!  I don’t know how to do it, to pass English tests.

Stella:        Don’t worry! I’ll teach you how to pass the oral test. But, I’ll help you clean the class first. There is garbage everywhere!

Frank:       Ha-ha! Stella, you are so kind! Today is my lucky day! (He pats Stella’s shoulder.)

Stella:        Don’t mention it! It’s my pleasure. Well, we must hurry if we want to have breakfast before our class.

In the class, teacher suddenly announces one thing. (Suddenly bends his head down.)

Teacher:   Last time we had an exam. Everyone’s got very low grades! Some of you even got only 9 points! ………. Stella!

Stella:        Yes! I’m here! (She is very nervous.)

Teacher:   Stella! You got the highest grades! Congratulations! You are the only student who can get more than 80 in my class! You really did a good job!

(Everyone in the class give Stella a big hand!)

Stella:        Thank you, sir! (She goes back to her seat exciting)

(Amy and Frank are discussing it.)

Amy:         Stella, you do have some talent on this subject!

Stella:        It’s breeze! No big deal! (They keep talking.)


A man who knocks on the door and yells in a rude way.  (Bum…)

Head buster:   Is anyone home? We have to take to Mr. Li.

In the dark, Mom wakes up Stella.

Mom:        Stella, wake up!! Wake up!!

Stella:        Hum…what? What happened? Mom, what time is it?

Mom:        It’s 2 o’clock now. Hurry up! We have to move quickly.

Stella:        But why we have to go out in the midnight? It’s cold outside and I really want to sleep. I have a big exam tomorrow.

Mom:        Hurry!! I don’t have time to explain. You take your coat and something you might need…

(Bum! Bum!!! )

Head buster:  Hey! Open the door!! Mr. Li, you’ve owed a large sum of money.

Stella and her mom try to flee secretly from the back door, when they leave their house; they run as fast as they can.

Mom:        Hu…wait! Wait for me, Stella!

Stella:        What? Oh, I am sorry, Mom.

Mom:        Well, it’s not your fault after all.

Stella:        But what happened? Who is that guy? Why he mentioned Dad and a lot of money?

Mom:        Your father had borrowed money from the Head buster. He couldn’t pay back the money. So, they come to us.

Stella:        (Feel very shocked!) How could it happen to us?


Stella gets big trouble for the first time. She doesn’t know how to deal with it and who can help her. She feels depressed. But her motto is “never give up”

Stella:        “Nothing can hinder me. I’ll try my best; I should work harder than before. I’ll never never never give up!”


Stella is in the class .Amy is next to her and wants to talk to her.

Amy:         Hi, Stella. We want to go to Frank’s birthday party.

Stella:        Oh. And then?

(She answers Amy but doesn’t concentrate. She just does her own thing.)

Amy:         You want to join us? (Amy looks so happy)

Stella:        What?

Frank:       She says do you have free time to come to my party? (Frank walks to them.)

Stella:        Well, sorry. I think I have no time…. um…happy birthday, Frank. (Stella still does her own thing.)

Frank and Amy feel a little angry because of Stella’s attitude. They go out of their classroom and say something about Stella to each other. And Stella continues to do her own thing.

Stella:        Oh, I forgot!

(Stella shouts suddenly. And then she runs out of the classroom to look for Frank and Amy.)

Stella:        Hey, please wait a minute. (Frank and Amy stop walking.)

Stella:        Could you tell me what’s been taught in the previous class? Please, I… I… slept in that class.

Amy:         I know something about that lesson but I think you don’t have time to listen to me, you know.

Frank:       Well, I agree with her. Now we are very busy. Don’t waste our time, please.

Stella feels so sad. She doesn’t know why her friends speak like that. At that time she hears her teacher calling her name.

Teacher:   Stella. (He calls her name angrily.)

Stella:        Yes, I’m here, teacher. Did I do anything wrong? (She’s scared)

Teacher:   I can’t believe that you got these grades in this exam.

Stella:        I feel very sorry. But I can.
.. I can explain.

Teacher:   I don’t want to listen to any excuse. I’m very disappointed at you.

(Teacher leaves. Stella just stands there and cannot say anything. She looks hopeless.)


Stella:        What should I do?I really want to study harder, but I need a lot of time to do part-time jobs to support my self and my family…(sign) And I really want to go out play with friends, did anyone understand me??

(Every one comes on the stage and judging Stella.)

Amy:         She thinks she is busy, isn’t she? We are busy, too.

Frank:       Yes, she doesn’t need us, she’s smart enough to sleep in the class and still pass the courses.

Amy:         Ha, you’re right. By the way, the movie you mentioned is really interesting, you know…(they walk away)

Teacher:   Stella, you really made me disappointed, I don’t know why you’ve become such a terrible student! And you didn’t do homework yesterday; if you can’t hand in yours today, you will fail. (Point to Stella)

Head buster:  Where is the money for this month?  Take it out, hurry up, and don’t make me angry. (The gun points to Stella’s head)

Stella’s mother:      Oh, Stella. I’m sorry to have put you in this terrible situation. Will you forgive me? I’m so afraid, if we can’t paid off the money…(holding Stella and crying)


Stella:        (Head up but dejection in her face) I don’t know why everything becomes so badly and hard to face. In the past, I always hold a positive view about life. But now, I just want to run away, run away all of these. How I wish I could have my old days back. Could it be possible? No, I don’t think so!

She’s taking out two white notepapers and slowly writes some last words on them. Then she stands up and walks to the kitchen, opening the gas, her eyes looking down the floor straightly and waiting for the death to bring her life.

(News on TV)

Newsman:       This early morning, a college student ended her life by herself. It is said that she got some money problems. Let’s see another news, there is a dog who can sing and dance Cha Cha…