Traffic Safety

5 actors play script



During the day, a great majority of people don’t follow traffic rules. Usually this causes a lot of traffic accidents or traffic jams. Now, we want to use three short plays to tell you how important traffic rules are. And, why you should carefully check your cars before you get on the road.


Scene I

Inspecting the car.

Characters: A woman. A taxi driver. Two car drivers.

Time: One afternoon.

Place: In the suburbs

Woman:      Oh! How terrible! My car just broke down. Is there anybody who could help me? Oh! Here comes a car! (Waves her hand at the car)

(Narrator: The car speeds away at high speed.)

Woman:      Another car! Hey! Hey! (Yelling loudly)

(Narrator: The car also speeds away.)

Woman:      Do I look so strange? (Takes out a mirror and looks at herself)

(Narrator: The woman begins to check herself in the mirror.)

Woman:      Gosh! I have straight, long black hair, and I am wearing all white clothes. No wonder no one stops.

(Narrator: Suddenly, one taxi stops slowly.)!

Woman:      Thanks to the kindhearted person.

(Narrator: The taxi driver opens the window.)

Woman: Oh! Could you………

(Narrator: The driver throws out a lot of paper money, then speeds away.)

Woman:      No! Don’t leave me alone! (Looks at the ground) What’s this? (Picks up one piece of paper)

Woman:      God! It’s ghost money!

Woman:      Why? (Sadly and starts to cry) I am too foolish! I should have checked my car in the morning before I got on the road.

(Narrator: Dear friends, remember to remind your parents when you go out with them next time, to check everything on the car or you will have the same problem!)


Scene II

The new bus driver.

Characters: A bus driver. Three passengers (A, B and C)

Time: One afternoon.

Place: Chun-kun Road.

(Narrator: One afternoon, some passengers are on a bus for Tiger City.)

Passenger A:  What a terrible traffic jam!

Passenger B:  I hate this! It wastes our time!

Passenger C:  I think we should get off right here! Tiger City is just 50 meters away!

Passenger B:  I agree!

Passenger A:  All right! I’ll ask the driver.

Passenger A:  Could you…(Pats the driver’s shoulder)

Driver:            Wow!

(Narrator: The driver yells suddenly and the car strikes down a house.)

Driver:            What are you doing! You scared me so much that the bus struck the house! You need to make it up to me.

Passenger:      So sorry! I didn’t know I would scare you. It’s just a slight tap.

Driver:            All right! It’s my mistake. I am too sensitive. I was a hearse driver before.

(Narrator: My dear friend, please pay attention! Do not distract the driver when the car is moving. It can cause danger to everyone in the car or on the road. And, remind all of your friends to obey this rule!)


Scene III

On a free way.

Characters: a man, a woman, a policeman.

Time: midnight.

Place: In the man’s house and on a free way.

(Narrator: A man and his wife lay on a bed ready to go to sleep.

Man:             One sheep. Two sheep. Three sheep…Four

Woman:        What are you doing! You are so noisy.

Man:             I can’t fall asleep!

Woman:        You can drink a little wine to help you.

Man:             Ok, I’ll try that. (Leaves for the living room)

(Narrator: The man goes to the living room and opens a bottle of whisky.)

Man:             Good wine!

(Narrator: The man drinks all the whisky left in the bottle.)

Man:             I am so poor. Have a mean wife. She never gives me money.

Woman:        Get out! You don’t want to go to sleep, do you? (Kicks the man out of the door)

(Narrator: The man stands by the door and starts to yell.)

Man:             You are crazy! I don’t want to argue with you!

(Narrator: During the man’s long walk, he meets a policeman.)

Man:             Where am I? Why is there a policeman standing on the road at midnight?

Policeman:    This is a free way! What are you doing here?

Man:             Just walking!

(Narrator: The policeman asks the man some questions.)

Policeman:    Do you have your driver’s license with you?

Man:             No.

Policeman:    Did you drink lots of wine?

Man:             Yes!

Policeman:    Do you…

(Narrator: After several questions, the policeman gives a ticket to the man.)

Policeman:    I am afraid that you made a big mistake, Sir. First, you didn’t use the seat belt! Second, you drove without your driver’s license! Third, your speed wasn’t over 60 miles per hour. Fourth, the most important thing is that, you drove under the influence of alcohol! (Walks away from the man)

Man:             Wait! Wait!

(Narrator: After the policeman leaves, he talks to himself on the road.)

Man:             Why did the policeman give me a ticket? I didn’t drive any car, so how could my speed of driving be below 60 miles per hour? I don’t have any car, but the ticket shows that I didn’t use any seat belt, and I drove without my license! I drank some wine, but I wasn’t driving. I wasn’t even in a car! What a strange thing! Oh! I know why! The policeman is blind! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Lies down on the road)

(Narrator: The man is found asleep on the road next morning. All my dears, cars have no eyes! Do not walk or ride a bicycle or motorcycle on free ways! And, do not drive after drinking! If you don’t listen to my advice, your curses will come home to roost!)