Good Morning, Tim

by  Jean Yen


Tim Cao:          Father

Ann Huang:      Mother

Iris Cai:            Kid

Candy Cai:       Caller

Mike Dong:      Neighbor

Roly Ye:           Grandfather


Husband and Wife
Scene: Tim’s room.  Time: midnight.

Narrator:    Tim and Ann are husband and wife. One night after work, Tim goes home.

Tim:          I’m home, Ann.

Ann:          Welcome home, Tim. Look at my new shoes! Today I…

Tim:          Sorry, sweet heart…I’m so tired and I have a very important appointment at 8:00, tomorrow morning. I must go to bed now. Maybe we can talk tomorrow evening.

Ann:          Oh…That’ OK. What time do you want me to wake you up?

Tim:          Mm…About 6:00.

Ann:          OK.

(A moment later)

Ann:          Honey…Do you think I’ve gained some weight recently? I look awful…

Tim:          Unnn…

Ann:          Perhaps…It’s time for me to go on a diet. Should I stop eating dinner?  Or…Should I do exercise? Dance… Swim… Jog? What do you think about, honey? ……Honey?

Tim:          Ouun…What?

Ann:          (Very angry) Oh! Why are you so mean to me? I know…I know… you don’t love me any more.

Tim:          Wait. What happened?

Ann:          (A little crazy) Oh! no! I can’t stand you. You don’t love me anymore! I want to get out of here with my little green bag and will never come back! Good-bye!  (Ann leaves the house.)

Tim:        Wait…Wait! Oh my! Who can tell me what went wrong?


Husband and Son

Scene: Tim’s room  Time : around 1:00 A.M.

(After Ann leaves, a child enters Tim’s room and takes her homework to her Tim.)

Iris:           Dad, can you teach me ? I can’t do my homework and it’s so tough.

Tim:          Oh, my baby! I ‘m so tired now. Can we talk about it tomorrow?

Iris:           Tomorrow! No! No! I have to hand it in tomorrow.

Tim:          OK! OK! Let me see. One plus two is…… (nods)

Iris:           Dad?

Tim:          Oh! It’s…..eleven.

Iris:           Eleven. OK! Eleven. (writes it down) And next.

Tim:          Two plus three is……(nods again)

Iris:           Dad! Are you OK?

Tim:          Baby, I’m really tired. Tomorrow, if the teacher asks you where your homework is, can you tell her teacher your homework’s been torn by a dog?

Iris:           Good idea! OK, Dad, Good night!

Tim:          Good night, baby!

Iris:           Oh, Dad! Can you give me some pocket money? After school, I want to eat ice cream, soda, donuts, dumplings, cookies and ……

Tim:          OK! OK! Here’s your money!

Iris:           Thank you, Dad!

Tim:          Good night!

Iris:           Oh, Dad!

Tim:          What else? (A little bit impatient)

Iris:           Can you buy me Barbie dolls?

Tim:          OK! OK! I’ll buy you some!

Iris:           Thank you, Dad! Oh, Dad!

Tim:          What’s the matter now?

Iris:           Nothing! I just wanted to say “Good night!”

Tim:          Good night!


Husband and an Unknown Caller

Scene: Tim’s room     Time: around 2:00AM

Candy:      Can I speak to John, please.

Tim:          John? Who is he?

Candy:      He’s my boyfriend. I’d like to speak with him, please.

Tim:          Sorry! I think you have the wrong number.

Candy:      Wrong number? No! It’s impossible! I’ve called this number many times. Don’t lie to me.

Tim:          It’s true. I’m very serious, and I’m very tired, Goodbye!

Candy:      Wait! I’m John’s girlfriend. Would you let me talk with him? Just a minute.

Tim:          But John does not live here, OK? And I don’t know where he lives. Bye!(Tim ends the talk)

(The phone rings again and Tim answers it)

Candy:      Hello! May I speak with John, please?

Tim:          I’ll say this again, John does not live here.(a little angry)

Candy:      I don’t believe it. Is your number 0911-515005?

Tim:          Yes, it’s my phone number, but it’s not John’ phone number, OK?

Candy:      Why don’t you let me talk with John? Why?

Tim:          I don’t want to explain to you. Good-bye!(Tim ends the talking again)

(The phone rings again and Tim answers it.)

Candy:      I really want to talk with John!

Tim:          But I want to sleep, OK???(Very loudly and Tim turns off the cell phone.)

Husband and His Neighbor
Scene: Tim’s room     Time:around 3:00AM

Mike:        Open the door. Open the door quickly. If you don’t open it, I’ll break in.

Tim:          Who is it? Don’t make any noise so loudly at midnight.( goes to open the door)

Mike:    &
nbsp;   Well, this is good wine .(goes to the huaband’s bed and lies on it)

Tim:          Don’t lie on my bed!(angry)

Mike:        Your bed? Nonsense. This is my bed. Who are you?

Tim:          I think you must have come to the wrong house. This is my house, my room, and my bed.

Mike:        But, this is my house!

Tim:          No. Your house is next to mine. Get out of here.

Mike:        Don’t be angry. Now I’m in a bad shape. Please let me stay here.

Tim:          If you don’t leave, I’ll call the police.

Mike:        Don’t do it. Let me talk about what’s bothering me.

Tim:          Okay, what happened to you?

Mike:        I made a mistake in my work, so I was fired. And my wife thinks I’m an irresponsible man. She wants to divorce me. (Crying)

Tim:          OK, are you finished? Please get out!

Husband and His Father
Scene: Tim’s room  Time: around 4 o’clock

(Tim’s Dad walks into Tim’s room)

Roly:         Your neighbor, Mr.Wang, didn’t come to borrow things from you, did he?

Tim:          No, he didn’t!

Roly:         But why was it so noisy an hour ago?

Tim:          A stranger broke into our house.

Roly:         Hm, hm.

(Waits for 3 seconds)

Roly:         But why was it so noisy? Mr.Wang didn’t borrow something from you? He always borrows something and never returns. Remember, don’t lend him anything.

Tim:          Please, my dear Dad, Mr.Wang did not borrow anything from me, and the loud noise you heard was from a drunkard , who came to the wrong place.

Roly:         I see.

Tim:          Dad, I have an important appointment in the morning, so I must get up at six . Please let me get some sleep.

Roly:         OK! OK! Good night, my dear son.

(Waits for 5 seconds)

Roly:         What were you saying? Did you say Mr.Wang will go abroad in the morning?

Tim:          No! It’s me, who has an important appointment in the morning. Please let me get some sleep, Dad.

Roly:         OK! OK! Go to bed quickly.

(Waits for 5 seconds)

Roly:         Tim, my arm hurts a little. Please give me a massage

Tim:          All right, but you must go to bed after this.

Roly:         OK. You know, I think I my days are numbered. My life will end soon.

Tim:          No, Dad. I think you can still live a long time. Don’t think too much. OK, go to bed.

(Roly stands us, and goes out of the room. 10 seconds later he comes back again.)

Roly:         Tim, my arm hurts a little. Please give me a massage.

Tim:          Dad! I’ve already given you a massage.

Roly:         Really? I didn’t remember that. No matter what, I feel pain in here, so you must give me a massage.

Tim:          OK! OK! But you must go to bed soon after this, or I’ll miss the appointment, do you understand, Dad?

Roly:         What kind of appointment do you have?

Tim:          I have a business appointment. If I miss it, I’ll be fired. And your son will not have any job, and our family won’t have food to eat.

Roly:         OK! OK! I go to bed. Good night. God bless you.

Tim:          Good night, Dad.


Husband and His Wife

Scene: Tim’s room     Time:Around 6:00AM
Ann:          (Comes back home) I’m sorry .I shouldn’t have been angry. I know you have an appointment at 8:00 a.m. But…but…should I go on a diet? Do I have to exercise to keep in shape. Do you think… dancing will work?

Tim:          (On Tim’s bed) Tell me, what are you doing now?  I have an important meeting in a few hours and have to get up soon, but you and the rest of the family have been bothering me all night long.  Listen again. If you keep on making noises, I’ll go crazy!

Ann:          You didn’t pay any attention to me!  You don’t care about me at all!  You must be in love with someone else.

Tim:          I didn’t mean that… I… I….

(The alarm clock rings)

Ann:          Oh! It’s 6:00 now. It’s time to get up! Good morning!

Tim:        Oh, no!