Pygmalion (By George Bernard Shaw)

ACT I Covent Garden at 11.15 p.m. Torrents of heavy summer rain. Cab whistles blowing frantically in all directions. Pedestrians running for shelter into the market and under the portico of St. Paul’s Church, where there are already several people, among them a lady and her daughter in evening dress. They are all peering out [...]

Complicated Love

Complicated Love

Course # 6959

Ina Chi


Vincent: Vincent

Karen: Karen

Vita: Vita

Clare: Clare

Roger: Doctor

Millet: Narrator

Jeff: Clergy

Turning love

by Ms. Cecilia Liu


Richie Hsu

May Yang

Eric Chiang

Dora Chang

Tony Chen

Be Myself -7 people play script

Be Myself
By Betty Liao
Cathy:         Dr. Chao who helps Adam to get plastic surgery
Dorothy:     Dorothy, the girl finally found by Adam and marry him.
Emma:        Emma, a clerk of a department store, who falls in love with Adam.
Ray:           Adam, before he has a plastic surgery.
Silaia:         Silaia, Adam’s first girlfriend.
Tina:            Adam, after the plastic surgery
Stanley:                               Stan, a handsome but a bad guy.

A Visit to The Wizard of Oz -5 people play script

A Visit to The Wizard of Oz by Wu Hsiu-yao Cast Wu Yu-chieh:         Child A, Scarecrow, and Vicky’s mother Huang Chi-ying:      Vicky Yeh Chung-cheng:   The Tin Woodman Chang Tun-wei:      The King of Oz and Park Keeper Lai Kuan-ling:         Dorothy ——————————————————————————– SCENE I [...]

The Wooden House 5 people script

The Wooden House by Karen Kingsbury Cast Shirley Yang:       lover Ryan Chen:  lover Meg Chen: old woman Ivy Hsieh:   student Aron Yeh:   student Summary It was a nice day, and there were four college students who were taking a trip in a mountain.  Unfortunately, they got lost.  Suddenly, they found [...]

A Family – 4 actors play script

by Betty Liao

4 actors playscript


Miki:  older sister

Pink:  The oldest sister

Anita: Boss

Tina:  Younger sister

A Singer’s Life –6 actors play script

A Singer’s Life

by Betty Liao

6 actors

A Story About A Girl –6 actors play script

A Story About A Girl

by Sylvia Hsu

6 actors play script


Amy:             Amy

Fred?:            Teacher

Frank:          Frank?

Stella:          Stella??

Sylvia:          Stella’s mother

Pinocchio:   Head buster

The Ghost Story–6actors play script

The Ghost Story

by Sonia Tiao
6actors play script


Jessica Chen:   A ghost who is disguised one of the roommates.

Jeanette Lee:    Roommate

Mandy Wu :    Roommate

Ken Lin:          Roommate

Dorice Lin:      Roommate

Claire Wu:      Aside